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Safety equipment

So here is a sight I hope never to see! But there is nothing like actually trying out your safety equipment and learning how to get in it.

Plenty of room daddy!

The boys spent half term with Daddy and Grandad in Lymington, sorting the yacht and taking our life raft to be serviced. Huge thanks to the Viking chaps for letting us inflate it and climb in, thank you!

Thanks Viking for letting us inflate and climb in!

I remain at work still, but not long to go now.

Sailing her home

It’s lovely to have a yacht in La Rochelle, but not that handy when you need to fit it out, work on it whilst living and working in the UK. So how to get her home with the minimum time off work? Call in your mates!

Huge thanks to Phil, Nick and Mac (grandad) for helping Russell sail her back to Blighty whilst I was working and looking after the children.

The Bay of Biscay tested stomachs and the choppy seas kept all wrapped up, but they had a good passage and reasonable weather for the end of the season. First night sails and shifts (in pairs) for the additional crew, well done all. Albeit some comment about the chart plotter not having the charts for the English Channel! Oh and that gas bottle was still seized and the toilet is still broken and the fridge not working. Oops, sorry guys! Biscuits anyone? (That’s why we need to get her home to sort!)

Dolphins for company!

Safely home, and a great if exhausting week. Thank you!

First sailing weekend with our yacht

Time to introduce the boys to our new purchase and our future home for potentially upto two years! Let’s hope this weekend goes well….

Let’s sail to Saint Denis d’Oléron

The new crew loved choosing their berths and scouting for dolphins on the trip (albeit none seen). The beach at St.Denis was a great hit with the boys and the lovely sea food restaurants delicious for dinner.

It’s force not-a-lot (light winds) and the sun is shining, perfect to work out how it all works!

Back to La Rochelle, perfect marina in the old harbour, very near some stunning ice cream parlours for our 5 year olds eyes!

Good news is that the main (sail) didn’t get stuck, nothing leaked, but the gas (for cooker) is seized, the fridge has a mind of its own and one toilet simply doesn’t work. All sortable, added to the rather long list. But we have happy crew! Success.